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Jutse FAQ's

1)      What is Jutse?

Jutse is a member based ecommerce/auction website that offers a venue to earn disposable income that is directly deposited into your 529 College Savings Account per your instruction. Jutse is a third party vendor and not affiliated with the specific 529 plans.


2)      Is Jutse affiliated with the 529 plans offered?

No. Jutse simply deposits your funds per your instructions to the plan you choose from the list of plans who have agreed to accept deposits.


3)      Is Jutse a 529 Plan Administrator?

No. You set up your plan directly with the Plan Administrators who manage your funds.


4)      Does Jutse guarantee the performance or endorse any plan offered on the site?

No. Jutse does not advise on plans nor endorse any plans. Jutse make no representation about the performance of any plan. You should do your research to determine which plan best fits your needs. There is some level of risk with all investing.


5)      Why does Jutse ask for the account information for the 529 plan I have set up?

Jutse stores the information provided securely so the money your earn can be sent directly to the plan you have set up. The plans require this information to be included with the transfer of your money to ensure it is credited to the correct account. Jutse will not share your account information with any outside party.


6)      Do I have to enter this information more than once?

A. Not if there are no changes to your 529 account. If your account does not change Jutse will send the deposit to the stored account. If you set up a new account and want money to go to that account your will need to reenter the information at that time.


7)      What if I have multiple 529 Accounts to fund?

 If you have multiple 529 accounts, Jutse will allow you to enter each one (that is a participating plan) and allocate what percentage of each transaction you want to go to each account.


 8)      Does Jutse guarantee my item will sell?

 No items should be correctly priced and there needs to be a buyer willing to purchase your item.


 9)      Are there items that cannot be sold on Jutse?

 Yes. Please refer to the entire list in the Term of Agreement section. These items include, but are not limited to, alcohol, underwear, animals, endangered animals pelts or skins, pelts or skins from domestic animals, catalytic converters or test pipes, credit cards, cell phone service contracts, etc.


10)   Is it safe to buy on Jutse?

You are safe every time you place an order on Jutse. When you purchase an item your money is not transferred for a minimum of 21 days. You will be able to track the item(s) that have been shipped via the UPS tracking number. If we have not heard from you or the seller within 21 days that there is a problem the money will be transferred to the sellers account. If there is a problem please notify us at lori@jutse.com before the 21st day after the sale. If you notify us before the 21 day deadline Jutse will investigate the claim before releasing any monies. However, remember this transaction is between you and the seller and it is important you try to work directly with the seller to resolve issues.
To avoid a problems, we advise sellers to be as descriptive and detailed as possible when creating your listings. We encourage buyers to review the listing photos, description and item condition, and if you have any questions, please ask the seller for additional details and/or photos. Sellers are usually more than happy to provide additional information.
Please note, on the 22nd day after the sale, all sales are final and non-refundable. 


11)   How do I set up a Jutse Membership?

  1. Sign up to become a member
  2. Setup a 529 account from our choices if you don’t have one already. Then enter the requested information on the registration page. If you do have an account with one of our available plans just enter the requested information on Jute’s registration page.
  1. Post your item for sale and beginning saving.
  2.  If you don’t enter your 529 account information before you start selling you can come back later to enter that information. If you sell an item before you enter your 529 account information Jutse will hold the money in your Jutse account to transfer to your 529 account once you enter the information. You will receive reminder email!


12) How much does Jutse charge?

For items selling up to $5.00 Jutse charges a flat $00.50
For sales over $5.00 to $10.00 Jutse charges a flat $1.00
For sales over $10.00 to $30.00 Jutse charges a flat $2.00
For sales over $30.00 to $50.00 Jutse charges a flat fee of just $3.00
For sales over $50.00 to $100.00 flat $4.00 fee
For sales over $100.00 flat fee $7.00

It is that simple. The fee will be charged and the balance will transfer to your 529 account!