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As a mother, I am very aware how difficult paying for college for your children can be. I believe that education is the answer to all the problems of the world and everyone deserves the opportunity to obtain a higher education. Who knows, maybe your child is the next Mozart, Einstein, or President! Wouldn’t it be a travesty if they never had the opportunity to take their education to the next level?

Hello, my name is Lori Kaylor. I am the President and Founder of Jutse is an exciting, innovative, easy, new way to fund your 529 College Savings Account. In today’s world, as we struggle to make ends meet, we are faced with the reality that paying for a higher education for our children is becoming more and more difficult to accomplish. Now with Jutse you will be able to turn all the items you keep promising to get rid of into cold hard cash that will be deposited directly into the 529 Savings account of your choosing. That’s right, use your garage sale items, your collectibles, your child’s artwork-you name it, to fund your child’s education. What a way to turn those unwanted items into something of great value and importance….an education for those you love.

Not too long ago I found myself in difficult financial times and was forced to face the reality that I could not afford to send my children to college or even help them with their books if they received grants or scholarships. Then, as I started looking around my home I saw tons of things I no longer used nor needed. Hence, the birth of Jutse! What if you could use those items to fund a college savings account? And the beauty is the money will go straight into the account so no more “Oh I meant to make that deposit but of course something else came up that the money went to”. Now you will have the peace of mind that the money is going for what you intended it to.

All you have to do is sign up, list your items for sale, select a plan, and upon the sale of the item your funds (less a small transaction fee) will be sent to a plan administrator and deposited into your account. It’s simple, easy, and a great way to accumulate the funds you need to pay for an education. How much can you earn? That’s up to you and how much time and energy you want to invest.

For those who don’t have a need to pay for college you will have a great time shopping and buying our members’ items. Think how good it will feel knowing your purchase just helped someone attain their dream of a higher education. That’s right! Your purchase will help make the dream a reality!

Please watch for Jutse to launch and we look forward to seeing you on the site and making your loved ones’ dreams come true!

This system and method is patent pending.

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Best regards,
Lori A. Kaylor
Jutse, LLC
President and Founder

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